Flowtech Air Distribution has been launched by Faisal Jassim Industries (FJ Ind) in 2000 in association with a group of specialists in the manufacturing of Air Terminals. M/s Faisal Jassim Industries is a well-established group, specializing in the engineering manufacturing and trading of equipment for the building services industry in general and the air-conditioning sector in particular.


Our products are branded as “FLOWTECH”.


Our range of products includes: Grilles, Registers, Linear Diffusers, Ceiling Diffusers, Jet Diffusers, Swirl Diffusers, Round Ceiling Diffusers, Linear Slot Diffusers, Sand Trap Louvers, Fresh Air Louvers, Disc Valves, Non Return Dampers, Volume Control Dampers, Fire Dampers, Variable Air Volume, CAV, Pressure Relief Dampers, Sound Attenuators, Acoustic Louvers, and Non Return Dampers.


From its inception, Flowtech invested in the best machinery available in the field, to build a product to international standard. We have recruited a team of experienced craftsmen with proven experience, able to manufacture standard Air Terminals, as per our range of product or special designs, as per the project requirement. We have set up our production lines to allow maximum flexibility, adapting quickly to demand changes, ensuring best deliveries with consistent good quality.


FLOWTECH have tested their range of Air Terminals and obtained ETL Certification on most of the performance data. In fact, our Air Terminals are tested in accordance with the ASHRAE 70-1991 Standard "Method of Testing for Rating Performance of Air Outlets and Inlets", which incorporate ADC 1062: GRD-84 Test Code for Grilles, Registers and Diffusers.

Sound Attenuators tested for "Standard Method of Testing Duct Liner Materials and Prefabricated Silencers for Acoustical and Airflow Performance" according to ASTM Standard E477-06a.  

VAV boxes tested with ARI Standard 880 “Standard for Performance Rating of Air Terminals” and UL Listed Fire Dampers, achieved UL 555 requirement.

We are committed to follow up on this, by obtaining all relevant quality assurances, ensuring reliability and total customer satisfaction.


Our service oriented staff have a complete understanding of Air Distribution Engineering and will assist you to meet your needs and requirements, to create a thermally balanced, comfortable and highly efficient environment in your building.