FLOWTECH have tested their range of Air Terminals and obtained ETL Certification on most of the performance data. In fact, our Air Terminals are tested in accordance with the ASHRAE 70-1991 Standard "Method of Testing for Rating Performance of Air Outlets and Inlets", which incorporate ADC 1062: GRD-84 Test Code for Grilles, Registers and Diffusers. Certificate

Sound Attenuators tested for "Standard Method of Testing Duct Liner Materials and Prefabricated Silencers for Acoustical and Airflow Performance" according to ASTM Standard E477-06a. Test Report

VAV boxes tested with ARI Standard 880 “Standard for Performance Rating of Air Terminals” and UL Listed Fire Dampers, achieved UL 555 requirement. Certificate

We are committed to follow up on this, by obtaining all relevant quality assurances, ensuring reliability and total customer satisfaction.